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Arizona Brown Spider

Loxosceles arizonica

Arizona Brown Spider

Physical Features

Arizona Brown Spider is a species of brown recluse spiders found in Arizona. It has two body parts and eight legs, a distinct violin shaped marking on top of the head, 3 sets of eyes, 1/4 to 1/2 inches long with long thin legs, and yellowish to light brown color.

Life Cycle


  • Diet: Small insects caught in webs or hunted.  Can survive 6-12 months without food.
  • Activity: Hunt at night
  • Preferred Climate: Temperate climate
  • Defense: Toxic bite and violin marking on the head which scares its predators.
  • Cautions: Bite may cause necrosis if enough venom is injected. Consult a physician if bitten by a recluse.
  • Home Invasion: Primarily found outdoors, an Arizona Brown Spider may be seen hiding in cracks or crevices during the day and actively about at night.  It is possible to find their shed skins on surfaces.

Helpful Hints

  • Removal of trash or debris (woodpiles, boxes, tires, etc.) stored around the home.
  • Seal openings in the home that could be entry points.
  • Recommend regular pest control service plan.

Interesting Facts

It is thought that the number of necrotic wounds attributed to brown recluse bites is highly misdiagnosed.


  • Reddened skin followed by a blister that forms at the bite
  • Mild to intense pain and itching for 2 to 8 hours
  • An open sore that develops a week or more following the bite
  • Some people will even have severe allergic reactions

Nesting Sites

  • Special attention to basements, attics, crawl spaces, closets
  • Activity found living in drop ceilings and behind baseboards