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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are elusive creatures, often found in mattresses and box springs, behind headboards, inside switch plates in couch cushions or in furniture seams. They are excellent “hitchhikers.” By hiding in clothing, they inadvertently go along for a ride to a new location, leading to their spreading.

Thought to be introduced with early colonists, bed bugs resurged about ten years ago in hotels and homes. It was attributed to increased international travel in addition to their ability to build up resistance to insecticides.

Bed bugs can be found anywhere there are people, particularly in areas with large populations. They have been reported in apartments, hotels, schools, retail stores, single-family homes and multi-family homes among others. Even five-star hotels are susceptible to these pesky critters.

A Misunderstood Mystery

Discovering bed bugs in such locations isn’t very surprising, considering their close association with humans but this shouldn’t cause panic or create fear. Often times the truth is fabricated about bed bugs but Northwest is here to give you the facts:

Although bed bugs have been found to carry more than thirty different human pathogens, there is no evidence that they transmit any disease to humans.

Bed bug presence has nothing to do with cleanliness. Bed bugs can be found anywhere there is a food source. However, clutter can hide bed bug introductions which can lead to more severe infestations.

Bed bugs can be found anywhere not just in beds.

Bottom Line = Protection

Bed bugs are becoming a huge problem. The fact is they are becoming more a reality than media hype. It is important to protect your home and your business. That is why in 2012, Northwest Exterminating became the first company in the Southwest to be bedbugFREE. As the only service provider in the state of Arizona to be bedbugFREE certified, Northwest integrates new bed bug tactics and more modern formulations for effective control.

Bed bugs present challenges for businesses because of their elusiveness. Proactive detection is key in their elimination. That is why Northwest has launched Northwest Sleeptight – A bed bug program designed to meet the high standards of the National Pest Management Association’s best management practices for bed bugs.

Northwest Sleeptight is engineered to provide customers with peace of mind, by offering general rules, guidelines and treatment methods needed for effective bed bug control. Northwest has a long history of understanding bed bug management, having treated bed bugs since early 2005. Experts at Northwest, train Sleeptight Masters in house with basic bed bug biology, inspection, and treatment protocols to always keep themselves ahead of the curve when it comes to research and development.

If a business or home suspects it has a bed bug problem, a visual inspection is critical. Inspections will focus on the bed, surrounding furniture, carpet edges, baseboards, cracks, and crevices. Inspection types vary due to budget and different customer problems.

Our bed bug service program is engineered to provide you with peace of mind. Your room(s) are properly cleared of bed bugs so you and your customers can get a good night’s sleep. Our Sleeptight team will identify whether bed bugs are on site and educate you on available treatment options.


Northwest Exterminating has successfully eliminated bed bugs from homes and businesses since the first call came in 2005 and a positive identification was made of the now, infamous bed bug. The National Pest Management Association has worked with industry and university researchers to develop best management practices for bed bugs. Northwest’s Sleeptight Program is designed to meet these high standards of effective bed bug inspection and treatment practices. We’ll take care of the bed bugs so you can Sleeptight.

Sleeptight Master

Bed Bug infestations have specific challenges that need a well-trained, experienced staff to handle successfully. Northwest Exterminating’s bed bug service team goes through extensive education at our training facility regarding bed bug biology and research, inspection approaches, treatment methods and communicating findings and recommendations to our service partner, the customer. Successful completion of our program and assessments is a mandatory requirement to become a Northwest Sleeptight Master Team Member.

Sleeptight Certified Clear Report

We guarantee our services. Once we have determined our treatment area is bed bug free, we will issue a Sleeptight Certified Clear Report, which carries a warranty for up to 90 days. This warranty is not applicable to all jobs and has certain limitations.